Clash of Clans Setups

These small guides are split into two different categories: Defence and Farming.

The farming model have the Town Hall placed outside the walls, which act like a decoy - you want enemies to attack your Town Hall to get "free shields". The Clan Castle is placed within the walls to prevent major point loss. Focus upgrading your Mines and Elixir Collectors first, then Archer Towers and walls next. DO NOT use "straight walls", this makes it extremely easy for Goblins to destroy the walls to gain access to your ressources.

The defence model is all about defending your Town Hall and Clan Castle.

Select your TH level:

The links above contain pictures and descriptions how to setup your Clash of Clans base. We at Clashsetup recommend to use a farming setup until your TH is max level. Aiming for higher score/trophies before max level Town Hall is kinda stupid. Instead do what you can to protect your elixir and gold storages and empty your mines/elixirs as often as possible.

Always upgrade your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors before anything else! I know it's tempting to upgrade troops or a tower instead of a boring mine/collector, but it's stupid to do so. You wan't to maximize income, that way you can upgrade something nonstop... always think ahead.